Custom3D was born out of our own frustration with existing online CAD block libraries. We've all been there: a deadline looms, and you're having to waste time trawling through an endless list of blocks, half of which look terrible while the other half bear no relation to what you searched for. Perhaps, you think, it would just be faster to trace a mass of photos of trees and people yourself? Surely there is a better way?

Custom3D aim to provide the solution, where each of our drawings is vetted or custom designed, so that we can offer a consistently reliable universal block library. You will find our blocks well-drawn and simple to use, with consistent scale, insertion points, and styles. Each is accurately described, and easy to search for, so we hope your experience with us is simple, useful, and efficient. 

Custom3D was created by Wonder Works, a technical production company based in north London who provide technical consultancy and delivery for live events.

We welcome any requests or feedback so, if you'd like to, please contact us.